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DigiflyUK.com makes sure that any personal and financial data you send is safe by using 128-bit encryption and that it is kept secure thereafter by adhering to a strict privacy policy.

How Does Data Encryption Work?
Data Encryption, which is the process of transforming information to make it unintelligible to all but the intended recipient, forms the basis of data integrity and privacy required for electronic commerce. Customers submit sensitive information and purchase goods or services via the Web only when they are confident that their personal information is secure. An SSL Certificate is an electronic file that uniquely identifies individuals and websites and enables encrypted communications. SSL Certificates serve as a kind of digital passport and credential. Typically, the "signer" of a certificate is a "Certificate Authority" (CA), such as Geotrust.

Before your browser sends your details over the Internet, our secure server encrypts the information by what is know as a "public key". These details can only be decrypted with our private key. The public and private keys are mathematically related, but are not identical and in the unlikely event that someone manages to intercept this information, all they'll have is a jumble of encrypted data that will be meaningless. Only DigiflyUK.com has access to the private key and is able to unlock this information.

How Do I Tell If A Web Site Is Secure?
There are three checks you can make which are all equally valid indicators of a website's security. Firstly look to see if a website has a Certificate Authority Provider; DigiflyUK.com is certified by Geotrust one of the largest and most respected authorities. You can verify this by clicking on the Site seal above.

The second clue to establishing whether or not a website is secured with an SSL certificate lies in the browser status bar - look for the padlock icon. In Internet Explorer browsers, when pages are not secured the padlock icon will not be visible. However, when an SSL session is established the padlock icon will appear. In Netscape, there are both "locked" and "unlocked" padlock icons indicating secure and unsecured websites respectively.

Are Credit Card Details Stored On The Server?
We do not retain your card details on our server, which means you will need to resubmit this information when you place a further order on this website.
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We accept payment by credit card. Most orders are usually shipped within one working day, securely packed to arrive safely at your specified shipping destination. Secure online shopping. Any personal and financial data you send is safe by using state of the art 128-bit encryption.